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i no longer can see the lines in the rear view or frontal cam. i tried pressing that parksense button on the dash but that did nothing. Also randomly my miles remaining in the gas tank switched to KM and my thermometer switched from Fahrenheit to C. Has anyone ever dealt with something like this? I mostly want the parksense back The parksense light in lit on the dashboard too. thank you
Hi, I'm looking for some assistance on my Unconnect system on my 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L. I can't seem to connect Apple CarPlay with my phone and have tried several ways to the point I'm getting very frustrated. Please PM me.
Have you sold the wheels?
No they are still available.
I live in Vegas what would be your best price? and on a 1-10 what is the condition of the rims

thank you. also if you like my #702 338-5654 make easy to text
I'm in north Phx - near Greenway and the 51
Let me know if you want to swing by.
I'm in NW Peoria, however, my sister in law lives over there, let me check with her and I'll text you (509) area code. Thank you
Arrival of the baby! The gcsr has come and will be home this next week. Test drive was stellar. It was 201 days from order. Dealership giving all sorts of extras due to delay.