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How to I start a private message with you? Also don't see a start conversation button that you reference. Thank you so much.
Hi @joer561 looks like we have the same issue with our JGC L's (shudder shifts from first to second and the opposite) and valve body replacement recommendations from dealers. Let's stay in touch.
Hello GC_chief ,

Well, i assume you dont have your OEM summit wheels available anymore and would like to know your opinion about the Limited wheels, i dont like it, this is my wife vehicle and it wont be use for any or minimal off-road. I presume that if i put any 21 or 22 wheels it will affected the "comfort" ride, is there any 20 that you recommend. Thank you for your time, i appreciate it.
Hey! The SR oem wheels are 275/45R21 which gives a 4.9” sidewall and an OD of 30.5”. I increased OD to 31.5” be running 275/45R22’s which keeps the same sidewall profile but gives for tires options since nobody makes 21” off road tires. I would characterize it as comfortable but with the stiffness of a sports car. hope this helps.