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Trailhawk 4xe on 20x33" BFG's


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I believe that is supposed to be at the Easter Jeep Safari. The pics above appear to be renderings, but it seems they are probably fairly accurate. I notice the exhaust doesn't go through the rear fascia like it does on the Overland in the 3 row. I hope that's accurate, as it might make it easier/cleaner to add a rear hook to a Laredo/Altitude/Limited without having to buy an upscale rear fascia.


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Reading the articles and watching the youtube video of the above Easter Safari concept, they used wider offset wheels (lower ET), trimmed the finders, and added wider flares to get tires that big to fit. The inner sidewall has to be pushed out past the front suspension knuckle to get to that tire OD. I look forward to Jeep or the aftermarket offering wider fender flares to that can be done without the tires poking out past the bodywork and slinging rocks and mud all over the place.