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Performance Springs


I'm new here. Just traded my 21 Mojave on a new GCL last week. I am not one to leave things alone. My gloss Bronze Hellcat replicas are due tomorrow. I have 295/45R20 Continental DWS already waiting, The Shadowline wrap is on the books for March 8th as is the tint, but the one thing that I could not find on here or anywhere else, was a set of performance springs. Road Magnet folded (I had them on my DDRT), H&R does not list anything. Mopar does not as well. I reached out to Eibach technical support and they have actually responded a few times today. They have told me that the new GC & GCL springs are in development and they are looking at about a 6 month window. I'm signed up and email updates will follow. Has anyone else with non-Quadralift found any other options?