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Hello from North Caroline! -- 2023 GC L on order


Been lurking around here for a few months while waiting to get my account approved...

Grandfather retired Chrysler (I think air conditioning plant in somewhere around Dayton Ohio). My other grandfather was a supervisor in the GM ball bearing plant in Sandusky Ohio. Fell in love a friend's CJ and ended up with the Wrangler. And on my 3rd. '95 YJ, '08 JKU and now '20 JLU and not much for the offroad scene, but love the "doors off and top down"

We have a '23 GCL SR on order in Hydro Blue, and crossing our fingers that it gets built! It'll be our 4th CG. '99, '04, '12. Wife has been in a Nissan Armada for the last couple of years and looking forward to getting back in to the Jeep Family! Kid is currently driving her grandfather's hand-me-down PT cruiser and itching to move into a Jeep (Compass) of her own...