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2022 Transmission Order Question


New member
For ordering a 2022 WL 3-Row Overland with the V6, there is a no-charge choice between the 850RE and 8HP75 Transmissions; Can anyone give a pro vs. con or point me to a resource on the differences between the two?

If it is helpful, the bulk of driving will be at lower highway speeds (<65 mph) on paved roads with limited low-weight towing. Off road use will be occasional maintained trails and more frequent 4L downhills and climbs. Wet weather traction and rocks and potholes are the major concerns, but not necessarily transmission related.

Any insights are greatly appreciated!


FYI, the 850RE is produced by Chrysler/Stellantis with tech licensed from ZF in Germany, and it is used only with the 3.6L Pentastar V6. The 8HP75 is built by ZF themselves in Germany and imported into the US,, and is used behind all Hemi V8 engine applications, including the 5.7L, 6.4L/392, and the 6.2L Hellcat. Both units are generically labeled as the TorqueFlite 8 transmission, and you automatically get one or the other depending on which engine you choose.

I'm not sure how different the two actually are in terms of hardware or programming. Some GC reviewers claim that the 8HP75 shifts a bit smoother, but that could be more of a difference between the V6 and V8, since the transmissions are tuned specifically to each engine's personality. I'm guessing it's mostly the same, and basically just has tougher hardware to handle all the additional torque from the V8 engines.