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  1. Dayton4x4

    2022+ Grand Cherokee / Grand Cherokee L Central Place for Issues

    I've had 3 GC's since 2006 ('06 75th Anv, '12 Altitude, '15 Overland) and just recently purchased my 4th, a '23 Summit. Each one in the past has been awesome but the '23 has it's issues. Is there a central tread/place for us to post issues/glitches we're seeing, or to post hints, tips...
  2. D

    No Data Connection error shown - Wifi working (GCL)

    Help! We have yet another issue with the electronic infotainment system. Noticed I couldn’t get the Jeep App to work today. Times out. Got in the Jeep and Wifi icon in tray. showed as not connected (typical wifi icon with red diagonal line). Checked the wifi system to see if maybe I could get...
  3. G

    Radio always on. Screen Off, Radio on/off button doesn't work

    3 day ago i got a brand new 2021 GCL Altitude. Nice looking car and kids love the space. Last night i have noticed that the radio does not want to turn off even when the ignition is off and car is locked. before the issue, all seemed to work just fine. So I fiddled with the settings to set the...
  4. S

    Uconnect and iphone

    I have a 2021 Grand Cherokee. It’s been great. Yesterday my iPhone stopped taking calls in my car when plugged in. It’s the first time this has happened. Took the car to the dealer and the dealer said it’s my phone. That Uconnects technology can’t accommodate the new phone. I call BS. It’s...
  5. M

    Uconnect Settings

    First post… I am 5 days in to my new purchase of the Overland model. Customized order since I couldn’t find what I was looking for. With that said. Got it here, drove it off the lot, got home, went inside, went back out to leave the house, cranked up the jeep and all settings had been reset to...
  6. M

    UConnect Freezing and Rebooting

    My Grand Cherokee L Overland is new. The UConnect system and screen work fine until about 1.5 hours into a drive. It then often freezes and reboots. As the drive goes on it happens more frequently and becomes unusable. Has anyone else had this issue or have any solutions?
  7. Jrseidel

    Instrument cluster navigation screen glitching or unavailable

    Many times the instrument cluster navigation map says, "Map Display Temporarily Unavailable". I sometimes get a message, "Map Display is Loading Please Wait". In the rare instances that the map does load, it will only work for a few seconds and look okay, then it begins glitching. Once the...