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summit reserve

  1. W

    2021 Summit Reserve Mods

    Received my SR 6-7 months ago. This forum has been very helpful in passing along useful information so I wanted to reciprocate and share what I have been able to do so far. First thing was new wheels and tires. Read here about 265/65s on 18s and liked the photos so I have done the same. Photos...
  2. W

    Hemi Unavailable - Summit Reserve (2 row) Order 3/25/22

    I called my dealer today (3/25/22) to finalize my order for a 2022 Summit Reserve with a Hemi and was told by my salesman that the system was no longer allowing dealers to select the V8 Hemi option as of today. Has anyone else encountered this? The Electronic Limited Slip Differential delete was...
  3. B

    2021 Reserve wheels

    I’m curious if anyone is selling there 2021 grand Cherokee L summit reserve wheels ?
  4. I

    Summit reserve chrome grill inserts on Limited

    Hi from Myrtle beach South Carolina! Just picked up my 3 row Limited in Rocky Mountain color. Super excited and glad to find this forum. Has anyone seen a swap of Summit Chrome Grill on limited yet? I really like the chrome inserts on the Summit Reserves grill and love to add that to my...
  5. RichSNJ

    First Week Impressions...

    So I've had my new Grand Cherokee L Summit Reserve V8 for about week now, thought I'd give some feedback on how it's going… I'll start off with the things I like and then go into the iffy parts after… I had to break this into 2 messages in order to post it due to a 10K character limit… So...
  6. A

    Summit reserve rims…

    Anyone looking to sell/swap out rims tires… just got a GCL summit, want those summit RESERVE rims tho!! Let me know if anyone is selling! Thsnks