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Have you sold the wheels?
No they are still available.
I live in Vegas what would be your best price? and on a 1-10 what is the condition of the rims

thank you. also if you like my #702 338-5654 make easy to text
I'm in north Phx - near Greenway and the 51
Let me know if you want to swing by.
I'm in NW Peoria, however, my sister in law lives over there, let me check with her and I'll text you (509) area code. Thank you
Arrival of the baby! The gcsr has come and will be home this next week. Test drive was stellar. It was 201 days from order. Dealership giving all sorts of extras due to delay.
Hi Bob, I want to order a 22 GC Summit Reserve…they tell me the limited slip differential is not available because of the chip shortage. Your thoughts on if this is a necessary feature for driving in winter conditions. Also the air suspension system is not available because of the chip shortage. Maybe I should wait until ’23 to see if this chip shortage goes away. I have A 2014 Summit. Thanks.
There'll be parts availability issues well into the '23 model year.
Hey man, do you still have the wheels for sale? I will take them for 1200 shipped
They have been sold.
Thank you for the interest.
Hey Sunny,

Thanks for your response. The car market seems pretty gruesome right now so would appreciate your contact at the dealer in Vaughn.

FYI The Jeep Steering wheels do not lock because they aren't supposed to. This is because many of us flat-tow the jeeps behind motorhomes. If they locked, the tires would be pulled sideways around corners.
Hello, Does anyone know if the battery drain is impacting just the L version? Mine is not the L Cherokee but I did have the battery drain/dead. Over the weekend, the dealer performed a software update which they indicated that solved the problem. I'm not certain that the problem is fixed
I don't think it's different between the 2 and 3 row versions since almost all the components are shared. It may only matter when it was built, as hopefully they identified any faulty parts or assembly procedures in later production.
I have constantly the same power steering red symbol light up every day!! My wife and I are sick and tired of going through the same problem so much going back and fourth to the dealership is unable to fix that the only way to fix this issue is request a buy back and to avoid the same problem in the future is best to avoid the Jeep brand period. I will be on the market for a new trouble free unbreakable Toyota 4R.
Hi, im having trouble finding the start convo button. Can you please PM me? I’ve had repeated issues with my Grand Cherokee L, and my car has been in service for over 30 days with only 2600 miles. I have a young child and driving this car is terrifying. A case open is with your customer retention team and have not felt taken care of. Thank you.
My fully loaded Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve arrived at the dealer today. Going to pick it up tomorrow, hope I got a great trouble free one.
Woke up this morning to a dead battery. Was showing 11v, wouldn’t turn over. Walked out after dark and now it is completely dead. No lights, NOTHING… I have been reading some of the threads and found this to be a common issue. Went grocery shopping the day before and lowered the 3rd row to have the room. Never lifted them back up. Could it be a possibility the motor on the seats are still pulling juice??
Today is the second time my battery died out in the garage. Mine is 4300 km 21 l overland. What should I do? Dealer changed the battery last time, they probably would this time also..but can anyone please help with the solution??
I can't find the "Start a conversation" button. Can you please PM me, JeepCares, so I can discuss issues with you?
My Jeep Grand Cherokee L has been in the repair shop for 2.5 months now waiting for a replacement part. The delivery date for this part has been pushed out twice over the course of this time and the repair shop and Mopar have no confidence as to when the part will become available. Please DM me to help with this issue.
I am having significant issues with my Jeep Grand Cherokee L. Dash rattle, steering failure (entire rack replaced), numerous recalls, and now the vehicle won’t start and is in need of a tow to the dealership. This will be the third or fourth trip back and guidance is appreciated as I am quickly losing faith in this vehicle.
There is a known issue with power steering. "Power Steering Unavailable - Service Required" message in the cluster and PS light on. No fix is available from FCA for some vehicles. Mine has been out of service for nearly a month this time and was taken to the dealer on two other occasions. No ETA for when a permanent fix will be available.
Thanks @Matt95. I just heard something similar from the dealer. Unacceptable, to put it plainly.
I got rid of mine last week. Over a month without resolution was more than I could stand.
hi GC_chief any recommendations on putting bigger tires on limited version … im going with 275/55 wich is 32” tall MT but the front steering knuckle I guess it’ll rub !! .. what u think . Thanks good night


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Good morning. Could you provide a point of contact to discuss the electrical failures in my new Grand Cherokee L? Thank you in advance.