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What were Jeep thinking?

Sailor Man

New member
Word is the 2022 2 row Jeep Grand Cherokee will arrive in Australia with a choice of the
Petrol Penstar
- Too thirsty and under powered for towing

Two litre turbo Hybrid unproven and problems recharging in remote locations

Hemi V8
everyone loves a V8 but high fuel prices in Australia will restrict sales
That leaves us with the 3 litre V6 bullet proof tried and proven Diesel.
Plenty of power tons of torque and economical on fuel This makes a great towing vehicle( Caravans) and Exellent off road

ALL the serious 4WD SUVs made by Toyota Nissan Ford ALL have Diesel engines because they do the job we use them for the best!!

Please Jeep drop the V6 petrol Penstar and KEEP the DIESEL for Australia!