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Uconnect Suddenly Shutoff


Was just driving my GCL Overland, put on a podcast and the speakers let out a shrill piercing noise for about 5 seconds and the screen totally shut off and rebooted. Got to the Jeep welcome screen and rebooted again.

All is fine now but curious if anyone else has had this come up. (I haven’t gotten the software update yet)


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Yeah this happens. Make sure you get the latest uconnect updates. Probably won't fix the problem but it's some software issue with uconnect.


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Is there anything to even do about that?
I am not sure. Sorry. It happened to me the first few weeks I had the car, but hasn't happened since. I think after a few longer drives my system became fully charged and the problem went away.


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We're sorry to hear about these concerns you've been having. If you'd like us to look into this for you or arrange additional support alongside your dealer visit, send us a private message with your VIN.


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