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Quadra-trac i without select terrain.


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Living in Montana and the Dakotas. Here is what I just ordered. Has what we need off road and a little comfort. Basically a Land Rover 110 clone from yesteryears. Ineos Grenadier due in late next year.

I also wanted the Overland with the off road package. But went up to the Summit due to eLSD. But since Jeep was not installing or offering the off road package. I was stuck. Then when the Summit came in with no eLSD. I refused delivery.


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My limited has Quad 1 and the select terrain switch but it doesn't have the rock setting and no 4lo.
That’s what I have been seeing. On your build sheet does it tell you what transfer case you have? I’m wondering if it can be added to the altitude with a switch from the shifter and programed.


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Standard locker is Quadra Trac 2 which gives the selecterain, 4wd low, and neutral transfer case for towing. I think that starts at limited.

Quadra drive 2 adds rear electronic limited slip differential. That's the inky difference from Quadra Trac 2. Supposed to be standard on summit but currently not being built due to part shortage. Included in off road group for overland but again can't be ordered.
In the L Quadra-Track II is standard for the Overland and up. Limited L is Quadra-Trac I. For the prior Grand Cherokee Quadra-Trac II starts at the Limited.