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No Alexa after update?


Well-known member
So I think I got an update a couple of days ago, there was no notification like other updates, but when I got in the car everything on my Uconnect was reset. Before I realized that my profile was still there and all I had to do was hit one of the profile recall buttons to restore everything, I started putting everything back manually and it looks like Alexa either got updated, or it's just broken, and it no longer works. It always kicks in when I hit the alexa button, now when I click the alexa button it brings up a screen I've never seen before telling about what you can do with alexa, and tells you to hit the regular voice button on the steering wheel and ask Alexa to do something, which I've never done before. But, whenever I try it, it pops up with a Something went wrong, please try again later...

I don't know how many people actually subscribed to the plan with Alexa, but if anybody does, is it still working for you?