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Lost steering


New member
So this happened- my dog laid down on the seat and his foot pushed the 4wd low button while in park. It goes into low!! Now no power steering!! NONE! Luckily I was at a car wash that is next to the jeep dealer and they look at it in confusion because there’s no reason for it. No codes nothing. They do a reset and everything works again. Well it happened again last night at home (darn dog!) and I call the dealer I bought it from (Dan Derry) and they can’t look at it for 2 WEEKS!! So I disconnect the battery and the second little battery as well and have steering again but now I lost the heater control and XM radio. The heater only goes high or low nothing in the middle, hit auto temp control, doesn’t matter. The screen theme went to some odd deal but I was able to change that. The XM is just gone, no app not there. I’m assuming it must have to get reflashed but why on earth would it do this just because of disconnecting the battery?
There has to be a program fault with the 4wd low being pushed while in park I get that but any ideas about the heater control?