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Jeep® Unveils Its Updated 2022 Grand Commander (K8) Lineup For China:


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Jeep® Unveils Its Updated 2022 Grand Commander (K8) Lineup For China:​

Is New Looks Enough To Compete In A Very Competitive Market?​


With the focus being on the Jeep® brand’s newest entry for the Brazilian market with the launch of the all-new seven-passenger Commander (H1), many missed the official launch of the updated 2022 Jeep Grand Commander (K8) for the Chinese market earlier this week at the 2021 Chengdu Auto Show. It marks the first revision for the seven-passenger Grand Commander since its initial debut in 2018.



I prefer the buttons, knobs, and real shifter in this vs the USA WL and WS stuff. It's the WK2 equipment which is better (matte black vs shiny piano black and a real shifter vs knob).