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Jeep® Launches ‘Dents’ Marketing Campaign For Grand Cherokee

Jeep® Launches ‘Dents’ Marketing Campaign For Grand Cherokee​

“Dents” To Run Across Television And The Jeep’s YouTube Channel...​


In the realm of rugged, all-terrain vehicles, none have a legacy quite like the Jeep® Grand Cherokee (WL). Since its inception in 1992, the Grand Cherokee has served as a steadfast companion to adventurers, explorers, and families seeking unforgettable off-road experiences. Now, as the year 2023 unfolds, Jeep is taking a nostalgic journey down memory lane with its latest marketing campaign, appropriately titled “Dents.” This heartfelt campaign pays homage to the cherished dents and dings that tell the stories of countless off-road adventures experienced by Jeep 4×4 owners.