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Jeep® Gives Us A Quick Peek At The All-New Grand Cherokee Summit 4xe!


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Jeep® Gives Us A Quick Peek At The All-New Grand Cherokee Summit 4xe!​

Jeep's Newest Plug-In Hybrid Looks Stunning...​


The all-new three-row 2021 Jeep® Grand Cherokee L, the first of a trio of new models of the new fifth-generation Grand Cherokee (WL) and is currently arriving in dealer showrooms in both the United States and Canada. While the new Grand Cherokee L (WL75) is offering customers a seven-passenger option for the Grand Cherokee nameplate for the first time, it isn’t for everyone. The core Grand Cherokee customers have been waiting for the Jeep brand to unveil its two-row Grand Cherokee (WL74) offering, which is scheduled to debut in the third quarter of this year.

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Well this is on the jeep website... wonder if they'll make these before the HEMI grand cherokee L :ROFLMAO: 2021-EV-Day-BPH-Desktop.jpg
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I don’t think that’s a GCL. It’s the 4xe Grand Cherokee.
You're right. I saw the side view and back end in the video and realized that and when I came back to delete the post I saw your comment. Shocked that they made it look so much like the L though. I like it.


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Hi Bob -- when do you believe ordering will begin for the WL74 ? When do you believe they will start to show up on Dealer lots ?