Here Is What We Know About The All-New Jeep® WL75:


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Apr 21, 2020
Metro Detroit
Here Is What We Know About The All-New Jeep® WL75:
Grand Cherokee's Three-Row Variant...



Apr 30, 2020
Washington State
Wondering, as I often do with SO MUCH TIME on my hands, a few of the Differences between the new G.C. vs. new Wagoneer !?. For instance, the Body Width difference . 2nd, the difference in Length of the (std) Wagoneer vs. the 3-row G.C. ?. What the Approach, beaker and departure angles of these two will be ?.
The difference in GVW in 4X4 Configuration (Trail Rated) ?. These are some of the items on my "Importance List". The Subjective items such as Interior & Exterior LOOKS , then the Fit & Finish and Quality of materials are also on my "List" to Check during test drives . Been very happy with my WK2 (2016) .
Ideally what I really want is for RAM to Revision the ProMaster's (1500 & 2500) with a 4X4 option "borrowed from the RAM 1500's & 2500's or from the Jeep JT .
Then I wouldn't need to go 3rd party (Quigley or Sportsmobile . . .) . See . . . I told you I had a LOT of Time on my hands to "ponder" . . .