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Had enough


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Finally had enough of problems with 2021 grand Cherokee L; After not having use of my GCL for two months due to a lift gate battery drain problem I finally get it back only to have another recall over steering column problem. The dealership was Fine the problem was Jeep providing parts that actually solve the problem. About two weeks after selling my Jeep back to the dealership I start getting messages from Jeep informing me that my theft alarm has been going off this the same thing that happened before With the lift gate latch problem.I liked the look and the ride of the GCL but with the warranty about to expire I couldn’t risk being stuck with a vehicle that has one problem after another.


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Finally had enough.
Did you buy another vehicle?
I'm considering a Lightning Pro w/Tech Package - $9k government rebates Canada
AWD, Frunk, 12" display w/NAV, 360 cam, Dynamic bending LED projectors
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