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GCL vs GC Rear End


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Is it just me, or do others agree that GCL owners got the shaft with a much more boring rear end than the GC and GC 4xe? The GCL looks like the OG and the GC looks like the mid-life refresh to spruce up a 4yr old dated rear end. I'm so pissed!
Looks like the curve of the tail lights is different so I can't even just swap out tail lights if I was so inclined to do so with money to burn.

Grand Cherokee

Grand Cherokee L


Different strokes I guess. I prefer the back of the L myself lol. I really don't like the look of the floating roofline in the back.


I like the floating roof effect but honestly the differences are so subtle it's not easy to notice. The L gets slightly more taillight length looks like adding effect the more prominent backend. Just a little bigger, one thing I do wish they had stock was a back bumper scuff guard to protect when getting things in and out of cargo especially dogs. Got a cheap rubber one jus not perfect fit, and want a grill eventually to protect the power train.


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I vote for the L, but really, I agree with others, I don't see a big difference. I like the extra cargo one gets with the L. That trumps any slight changes in looks for me.