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Factors for no wingless Electric Vehicle


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The capability of the power grid definitely concerns me
You can mitigate that by charging at off-peak times (which is easily and conveniently done). Even if everyone who has an electric vehicle charged it at the same time in the middle of the night, I believe demand on the grid at that time would still be lower than peak daily demand In most places.


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I wasn't arguing one way or another, simply pointing out that as written these credits have an end. I am not so sure a new bill would replace the current any time soon; They tried that and it got knocked out of the bill. Anything could happen in the future for sure.
Understood—I wasn’t trying to argue, just adding some specifics.


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These are the reasons why I am not going to purchase an electric vehicle. Others have different factors, with different weights that lead to their own decisions.


Adverse Environmental Impacts
Virtually everything we do can have adverse environmental effects. So, in this case, an examination of the differences between a conventional vehicle and a hybrid are examined.

The hybrid has a massive Lithium-ion battery pack, that doesn’t exist in a conventional vehicle.

The mining of the lithium, nickel and cobalt for the battery pack harms the planet and consumes massive amounts of energy. Here is a decent description.

Given the high costs to recycle compared to new production, along w/ the associated environmental pollution from recycling, it is likely that end-of-life batteries will be discarded.

One of the "improvements" that would address the horrible environmental impact from Lithium-Ion batteries is to instead use lead acid batteries, w/ ¼ the energy density and ½ the operational life at lower component cost.

This lead acid battery recycling pdf shows they recover almost everything.

By contrast the Lithium-ion batteries are too expensive to properly recycle. Most are incinerated or exported for incineration, to avoid environmental restrictions on this part of the planet.

IMO, the green solution for electric vehicles would be to tolerate ¼ the range and use lead acid instead of Lithium-ion batteries.