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Colossal Failure All Around


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Bought my GCL Overland in October of 21’ it is a 21MY. No problems at first all is great and since I can only say anything else. Most noticeable I’ve had an issue of my entire sound system making maraca noises that changes with the volume knob. Happens randomly on starts and doesn’t go away without a hard shut down of vehicle. At this point it stacks up to between 33-50% of drives has this problem. I’ve taken it to the dealer, said the update would fix it and they’ll let engineering know if it. Updated car and no fix. Few weeks later my app became useless and I took it in for the telematics focused software update. Said it would correct this issue again. No luck. Said they’ll talk to engineering again and now they’ll order a head unit and receiver to be replaced. 6 weeks later after finding out jeep cancelled the receiver order… I take it in again for the sound issue as well as rattles from the dash and driver door controls, thumping in 3rd row and the night vision camera making false alarms during highway driving. Rattles are at best the same but possibly worse, night vision is TBD, and the maraca/shaking a cup of rice noise is still present after being told multiple times “this oughtta do it”. Is this the point of it being a lemon? I’m at 10k Miles and gotta say, 300+ mile road trips with this noise makes me want to jump out the window on the highway. Should I push a buyback and replacement at this point?


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Kia has more problems than Jeep. I know a neighbor had his Telerude in the dealer for five months waiting for a new transmission that blew after 3,000 miles.
I'm part of a class action against hyundai/kia taking place in California. When it is over H/K will file for bankruptcy in the US. They put trash engines that eat a quart of oil every 2 weeks. I had to put a new engine in $$, and my Catalytic Converter was destroyed by the oil eating. Too many numerous issues. When the warranty ends you are on the hook. When thousands of people get burned they get a class action lawsuit. I have all the bills and they add up $$$. I would NEVER ever buy from Hyundai/Kia again.