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Captcha... LOL


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thanks for the invite.. took me two weeks to find a captcha I could read lol.. man security is tough around here .. I have owned several jeeps from CJ5s to CJ7s, several Cherokees, just ordered a new GC Summit Reserve with the V8.. in D ordered Oct 5th.. D status with VIN on Oct 10th.. we shall see


Neal, I’m with you. The captcha on here is a joke. I bet there would be ten times as many people on this board if that damn thing was different. I’ll buy anyone lunch if they can solve these


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Thank you!!! It looks like a toddler wrote on the wall and then threw paint at it... "answer what they meant" lol
I was laughing hysterically just refreshing over and over for a few minutes until I found one remotely legible. To be honest I guessed with the one I got right.


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We definitely had an issue with spammers are the beginning, looks like I turned the captcha up a bit too much lol. I just relaxed the captcha security level so it should be a little more legible LOL.

Apologies to everyone that had to suffer through it.


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Hi @redriderbob ,
There is a member on FB page trying to sign up here for the past few days with username (mrnate450t) and didn't receive the confirmation email yet. Is there a way you can help? Thx