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2022 Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve SW issues


I've had my Summit for 4 weeks and it exhibits the following bugs; Loses the profile, Weather will not operate every time, weather map rarely loads, Seat memory does not return to the correct locations as preset, Media will not work correctly after Amazon Alexa is started, the display will change without warning to another setting (i.e., it may be on media listening to SirusXM and then change to Nav without touching the display), and the voice command may activate even if no one says "Hey Jeep", carplay will not work, Iphone will connect and disconnect without warning. I've been to the dealer several times and have a case with Jeep. I was told by the Dealership that soke of these things are caused by having both key fobs in the car at the same time. Sounds like BS to me. Delaership said that they could not reproduce these issues when they had the car last week for 4 days. When I picked the car up, I was able to demonstrate to the service guy many failures. Obviously he and the dealership lied about testing the car. Surely, I cannot be the only SAP with these issues. I'm trying to locqate other dealerships who have the Summit and see if the car acts the same way on another car. Damn. Any ideas.....


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The only way I can get the weather map to work is that you have to be navigating somewhere , then select the map "button" on the weather page. And the weather only works when it feels like it...


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We have the same memory seat/profile issues with our 21 GCL-Summit Reserve. Haven’t raised it with the dealer yet. But that’s coming soon as it’s ready for its first oil change.