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2021 grand cherokee transfer case motor fail


New member
I purchased a new 2021 grand Cherokee on Feb 5, 2021. On my way home with in 20 minutes and only 30 miles on OD the ‘ service 4WD’ and service electronic stability control system.
hard to drive it all weekend cause it was locked every time it came up.
Monday the 7th brought it in, spent hours waiting and to hear I need a new transfer case motor.
so got a loaner for indefinite time and hope it’s fixed.
if it doesn’t work they said will need a whole new transfer case.
on a brand new car this is unacceptable!
I have to pay a payment in a few weeks yet it’s undrivable the day I get it???
Anyone else have this problem?
What are my rights??
Can I get the dealer to give me an extended warranty at no cost to cover future problems since this happened so early??
And again, this happened within 50 miles on odometer... brand new purchase...


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There is the lemon law. Read on it.
Did the dealer fix it?

the next business day(Monday) I brought it in and they had to keep it a few days.
so yes, and as of now it’s running good.
I’m just now worried that if it fails again when our of warranty (seeming that I put a lot of miles in my cars before the 3 years can hit, I will be stuck paying for it.

the dealer wouldn’t offer any discount on an extended warranty due to the fact an issue like that from day one on a brand new 2021...

mill research lemon law and also try to reach out to jeep themselves about extended warranty coverage for that for the early failure
Thanks :)


New member
Yes they did.
but now update-
3/2/2021 it is back in service AGAIN less than 30 days after purchase.
lights going off on dash, and a roaring type sound is becoming more prominent as I drive no matter what speed.
dealer actually had the nards to tell me ‘it’s normal for lights and sensors to go off’
Ummm no it’s not.
Mai I told them I will NOT be leaving in my car and I demanded a loaner till they figure out what’s going on with that BRAND NEW $48k jeep I just bought.
I’ve read up on the roaring sound, and since they’ve had to already replace the transfer case motor just days after purchase, I’m reading the roaring sound could be my whole transfer case assembly.
they mentioned last month that hopefully the motor is all then needs replacing, if the whole transfer case needs replacing I’m better off getting another car
Good lord. But now the dealership is being a little difficult and treating me like an airhead woman and the dealership owner is not even getting involved.
so how long do I let this go on before I should get ugly about it? And hold them to their word about a different car due to issues already??

that photo of the A on dash came on when sitting still in a drive thru. Message center said it was disabled and needed service.
im sorry, that just does not happen. Like they were trying to tell me it does.
I may be naive but not that naive...


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