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110V AC power inverter?


Well-known member
I've come to realize that the WL (at least my '23 Summit Reserve) does not have an onboard 110V outlet. My 2018 Jeep Wrangler and Ram 2500 had them, so it looks like I'll need to use an inverter - doubt a portable unit that plugs into a 12V outlet will provide much amperage to do anything more than charge a laptop. What has anyone done in this regard? Direct connection to the battery? I'm curious if other WL models came with a AC outlet - if so where is it mounted? (perhaps I can source the parts to fit in my SR)


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It's on the rear console next to the USB outlets.
Sheesh, I don't know how I missed it - even looked there - granted, it is tucked away a bit, but still, sheesh.
Thanks John.
I do notice that the wattage is only 150, so I'll still be needing to install an inverter with a 500W output.