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off road

  1. S

    Off-Road Group (AM2) Watch Thread

    Can we start a "Off-Road" group watch thread??? Basically the only thing not available for a new custom Overland and I'm getting tired of pinging the dealers / checking the outdated sites constantly :) AFAIK the only thing not available is the eLSD. Any news I hear I will post here... and...
  2. S

    22 Overland w/ Off Road Group

    After e-mailing 10 dealers in my local area I found one willing to do FWP on a factory order V8 4x4 Overland. When setting up the build they were unable to add the Off Road Group (sales code AM2) and the build guide said something along the lines of "late availability" so I'm holding off ...
  3. GC_chief

    GCL Multi-link Suspension

    Posting to educate on new suspension design and to see if anyone has experience to add. Could be major issues attempting to modify wheel geometry (e.g. increase tire size), but on the plus side…the new GCL’s should ride like a sports car on pavement and have better articulation off road...