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  1. B

    Suggestions for good GCL content on YouTube?

    Hi All, Anybody has good suggestions for Grand Cherokee L content on YouTube? I am not looking for typical reviews, I have seen a ton of them already 😂. Instead, would love to watch some ownership experiences, road-trip or adventure videos with GCL etc. Please let me know if any of you have...
  2. B

    Should I buy 2021 GCL available with dealer or order and wait for 2022 model?

    Hi all, new member here. First of all thank you for this great forum and I have definitely learned a lot by reading different posts here. I am currently on the verge of placing an order for a 4x4 Limited. The only question I have is whether I should order a 2022 model which has couple of months...
  3. S

    22 Overland w/ Off Road Group

    After e-mailing 10 dealers in my local area I found one willing to do FWP on a factory order V8 4x4 Overland. When setting up the build they were unable to add the Off Road Group (sales code AM2) and the build guide said something along the lines of "late availability" so I'm holding off ...
  4. B

    Front collision warning system?

    Have any of you with the GCL Altitude package found any issues with the Front Collision Warning System? It says in my invoice and delivery papers that this is a standard feature. I have checked the settings and it is enabled but have yet to actually alert me even though I have already had some...
  5. B

    Overland - two different base prices?!?!?

    Still looking online for the right GCL and I've noticed something odd. This being my first Jeep, maybe it's common and I'm just ignorant. We all know by now that the Air Suspension is being removed from the builds due to the chip shortage. Fine. They're giving a laughable $750 credit for...
  6. GC_chief

    GCL Concepts/Mods

    Posting some pics here to give others ideas.