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air suspension

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    Air Suspension | Chip Shortage

    Any Idea when we'll be able to order a 2022 GC with air suspension? I'm surprised there isn't more information about this floating around. Or I'm missing it!
  2. N

    Quadra-lift “Selected ride height not permitted”

    Had our GCL for about two weeks now, haven’t even hit 500 miles yet, and am getting a message that says “Selected ride height not permitted” when trying to adjust the height of the Quadra Lift suspension. It will only go between Aero and Exit height. Anyone else had this issue yet?
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    Overland - two different base prices?!?!?

    Still looking online for the right GCL and I've noticed something odd. This being my first Jeep, maybe it's common and I'm just ignorant. We all know by now that the Air Suspension is being removed from the builds due to the chip shortage. Fine. They're giving a laughable $750 credit for...