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air conditioner

  1. R

    Unbelievably loud HVAC system

    Is it just my 2021 Jeep GC L that has a crazy loud HVAC system? I literally have to turn the volume up to about 20 just to not hear it on a low setting. When on Auto it seems to get worse by the dash by the windshield. It is so crazy loud that you can barely talk to someone in the car next to...
  2. J

    AC issues, humidity in the cab, and radio black-outs

    I have a 2021 GCL Overland, the AC just stopped cooling, I know it’s December but in Texas it’s still May. Humidity is building in the cab and what little the AC produces isn’t enough to get rid of it. Anyone else experiencing this??? Number 2 - while listening to the radio it will just shut off...