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    Has quality improved on '22 and '23 models?

    We took delivery of our '22 GCL 4x4 Limited back in late January of '22. If I had read of the problems and complaints on this board and others prior to making the purchase, I would likely have looked at something other than a Jeep. But, I'm glad that I didn't do that. We have had zero problems...
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    Offroad Pages - Breadcrumbs

    Am I the only one who just recently noticed the Save Breadcrumbs button on Offroad Pages? I could see additional uses for that if it could be activated remotely. lol
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    Snailfly Running Boards Installed

    Thanks for posting the pics. I was also offered the running boards to test, but have not yet received them. Do they assist in getting in/out, or do they get in the way more than help?
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    New Update

    My '22 GCL received the update this morning. I noticed the updating message just as I shut it down after a trip to town. and haven't poked around to see if there are any noticeable improvements or changes.
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    '22 GCL Wireless Phone Charger

    My '22 GCL Limited did not come with a wireless phone charger, so I 3D printed one. Fusion 360 and STL files are available here if you would like to make one for yourself.
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    Organizer for arm rest

    Are you asking about the top or bottom section?
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    Jeep connect services

    Guess I'm just looking in the wrong place. I've been all over that site and, while I see the link for "manage subscriptions", which is where I would expect it might be, there is no pricing information displayed.
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    Jeep connect services

    I'm inclined to agree, but I can't even find the price for each package. Vehicle Performance trial is 5 years and Safety and Security is 10, so I'm not concerned about those, but two, Assistance and Navigation trials expire after 3 months and I'd like to at least know the cost, even if I decide...
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    Dash Cam Installation

    Thanks! I appreciate that.
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    Dash Cam Installation

    Could you post a pic of the front camera after installation, please? The DR900X-2CH seems to be a fairly large piece and I'm curious how much room it takes up. I would have to mount it to the left of the mirror due to EZ-Tag on the right.
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    GCL Summit MPG

    2022 GLC Limited, 3.6L with 1700 miles. Current average is 20.6 mpg with 60% highway and highway speeds averaging about 70 mph. To date, highway mileage has been short sections ranging from 5 to 30 miles, but I expect to take a several hundred mile trip soon which will give a more realistic...
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    Snailfly Mopar/OEM style cross bars

    PM sent.
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    Snailfly Mopar/OEM style cross bars

    Have you ordered yet? I've removed the bars from my GCL since I don't really have a use for them (received them free for evaluation). I'll send them to you for the cost of shipping if you want them. If Nolan_GCL doesn't want them, the offer is extended to any other member of this forum.
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    Snailfly Mopar/OEM style cross bars

    I also received a set of these crossbars for testing and after a few miles at 65-75 mph, I noticed no wind noise at all. The crossbars do sit up higher than I would prefer (same as OEM height per seller), but seller has indicated that lower profile mounts will be available in the near future...
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    Can you start your JGC from desktop/laptop??

    Yes, by using the Microsoft Phone Link app on Windows. I don't know about Apple computers, never owned one.