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  1. bobbymcgraw

    Software Updates

    I was made aware of it on Novemer 22. The dealer did not see it in their system, so they had to chat with Jeep Connect. Here’s the info for it - TSB 08-183-22. My 21 still has .99.
  2. bobbymcgraw

    Software Updates

    At the dealer.
  3. bobbymcgraw

    Software Updates

    I had one done that was listed at 1.9 hours. It fixed my issues.
  4. bobbymcgraw

    Jeep connect Update

    Hi friends - After 18 months of back and forth with the dealership and Jeep Connect, my remote services are finally operating correctly! TSB 08-183-22 seemed to do the trick!
  5. bobbymcgraw

    Wiring dash cam

    Mind showing a picture of your setup?
  6. bobbymcgraw

    Wiring dash cam

    Most of what I’ve seen is how to wire a radar detector to the review mirror - not a dash cam. It may be because radar detectors typically run off 12 volts and dash cams do not. Hopefully I’m wrong - I’d love to have an easy way to hookup my dash cam.
  7. bobbymcgraw

    Wind Shield Replacement

    I was pleasantly surprised today. I made an appointment with Safelite a few days ago to replace my windshield today. They were able to obtain the new windshield and install it with no delay. They did say Jeep parts have been hard to come by. I am near Atlanta.
  8. bobbymcgraw

    Wind Shield Replacement

    I seem to recall seeing a post a few months ago about windshields being hard to come by for the GCL. I have a big crack in mind and need to get it replaced soon.
  9. bobbymcgraw

    Jeep connect Update

    I just got a call from Jeep Connected Services stating there is a new TBM update available for my JGCL. Hopefully it will fix my app issues.
  10. bobbymcgraw

    Jeep connect Update

    I've had my GCL since July 2021. I have only had one update. I've been promised a second update from Jeep Connect since November 21 - but no luck so far. Every time I call for an update they say it's in the works. I'm disappointed to feel like I'm on the back burner.
  11. bobbymcgraw

    iOS 16 Update and CarPlay Functionality

    No issues here.
  12. bobbymcgraw

    Ventilated Seats

    Maybe, but I really don’t think the fan is in our seats. The fan sound comes from further back in the vehicle - it sounds more like the AC in the back is running. I’d definitely check to see if the duct is connected - it’s sort of a flat tube that slides over. I did have to have a second row...
  13. bobbymcgraw

    Ventilated Seats

    That’s definitely possible. You should be able to alder the flat, plastic duct from the 2nd row. I believe it has a piece that sides and connects to the airflow.
  14. bobbymcgraw

    Ventilated Seats

    I wonder if there’s a chance the air ducts aren’t connected under your seats. You have to disconnect them to access the batteries and fuse boxes.
  15. bobbymcgraw

    New Update

    What year is you GCL?
  16. bobbymcgraw

    Snailfly Mopar/OEM style cross bars

    I’d love to have them if they aren’t spoken for.
  17. bobbymcgraw

    Surround View Cameras Not Working

    Hopefully it’s just a fuse or something since it’s all of the . Have you tried pressing both radio knobs for 20ish seconds until the radio reboots?
  18. bobbymcgraw

    10.1” Screen

    I’m not sure. I did something similar in my previous Explorer. I had to get my VIN programmed into the radio from the wrecked vehicle so that it would work in my car. Once it was programmed, it worked great. Good luck!
  19. bobbymcgraw

    The great software update of 2022

    I’ve had .99 since the fall. I was told by Jeep Connect on March 9th that another update was in the works.
  20. bobbymcgraw

    Software Update I didn’t Get

    I believe you have a different size screen.