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  1. Superlubricity

    275/55R20 Falken Rubitrek A/T Tires Installed

    This tire model isn’t as easy to find as the more popular Wildpeak A/T3W and I really wasn’t looking for them specifically. A local tire shop happened to have them in stock and they ticked all the boxes (Size, weight, 3PMSF rated for snow, aggressive sidewall, etc.) and I scored them for a crazy...
  2. Superlubricity

    Snailfly Running Boards Installed

    I was given the opportunity to test fit these for the factory making them. Installation was pretty straightforward. Three brackets per side that attach to the underbody and pinch weld. The driver’s side is very easy using existing bolt holes. The passenger side is a bit more complex requiring...
  3. Superlubricity

    Yakima Skybox 18 Carbonite Cargo Box

    Yakima Skybox 18 Carbonite on the Snailfly OEM-style crossbars. Went with the Skybox because it supports 42” spacing between bars letting me use the rear mounting position (which works much better for my tandem kayak). The Skybox 21 will fit too as it is the same length and width, just 2” taller...
  4. Superlubricity

    Snailfly Mopar/OEM style cross bars

    Got the chance to test out a new design sample from Snailfly (seller on Amazon) and I am pretty impressed with how easily they installed and how solid they are. They worked great with my kayak mount. I do wish they were a little shorter (height), especially for loading my 75 pound tandem, but...