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  1. FlyingAvocado

    Rear Floor Storage Compartment

    I am shopping around to put together useful supplies and emergency kit to keep in the under floor storage compartment in the rear of the vehicle. This said, I am curious what existing owners have found fits well in there to organize and maximizing the use of this compartment. It also would be...
  2. FlyingAvocado

    Dealer Incentive Coupons

    I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to get a MOPAR MVP Select Owner Bonus Cash Offer (41CN5) and/or Lead Intercept Bonus Cash Coupon Program (40CM1). It appears these two factory incentives are either mailers or given to select customers, and I am curious how I can become one...
  3. FlyingAvocado

    Alternate Wireless Service Carriers

    Has anyone been able to get Jeep to provide an carrier unlock code for the eSIM? I have a 2022 on order which will have the new 10.1" uconnect -- the ideal situation would be to add a physical SIM card in addition to the eSIM to allow me to use both AT&T and whatever carrier I choose. I use...
  4. FlyingAvocado

    2022 GCL Owners Manual

    The owners manual for the 2022 GCL is on mopar's site. https://msmownerassets.z13.web.core.windows.net/assets/publications/en-us/Jeep/2022/Grand_Cherokee_L/P130997_22_WL_OM_EN_USC_DIGITAL.pdf It looks like it's pretty much the same owner's manual as the standard 2022 Grand Cherokee since it...
  5. FlyingAvocado

    Class IV Receiver-Hitch

    Does anyone know if the Summit or Overland trims have a Class IV hitch as standard equipment? It's not a deal breaker since most class III receivers are rated up to 8000 LBS... but it's really confusing how a lower level trim would have a towing option which isn't available on a upper level...
  6. FlyingAvocado

    Factory Order Summit w/o Deletes?

    Does anyone happen to know if it is at all possible to factory order a 2021 (or even 2022 if the SKUs are in the system) GCL Summit with Active Damping and Quadra-Lift?