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    So Many Problems

    It's going in the shop on 5/25. I'll let you know the outcome.
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    So Many Problems

    My 22 WL 74 knocks somewhere under drivers seat between seat and pedals, when starting (about one second). Sounds like something banging against undercarriage. When car is completely warmed up the knock will still be there when starting but not as pronounced. Interestingly, it doesn't appear...
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    Engine Covers

    Very easy to install. It took me no more than 5 minutes. You will need screws that do not come with it. I purchased the cover on Ebay, see attached link and they were kind enough to include the screws. I have purchased several items on Ebay from Golling Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Michigan and the...
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    Engine Covers

    I'll start by saying that I am loving my new Jeep GC WL74. With 2.400 miles the only unresolved issue is a clunking under the car (drivers side) when I start it cold. It gets a little better after warmed up. Regarding the engine covers....I installed one today and while inexpensive....it does...
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    here he is!!! everyone meet ATOHI

    Congratulations! Beautiful... Great choices. Best of luck with it.
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    So many issues with my new GCL. Is this normal?

    Regarding Oil Burning and Oil Checking... I had previously posted about driving my new Grand Cherokee WL74 1,000 miles home from the dealer and had lost a quart of oil. I checked the oil today (at 1,700 miles) 1 hour after parking it. It was down one quart. I checked it again 5 hours later and...
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    How to avoid scratches and clean the black piano finish on center console?

    I stopped by a local shop that does window tinting and PPF to discuss options for the piano black trim on the center console. They suggested a ceramic coating kit from Scorpion. They further stated that it would provide a scratch and chip resistant coating is very durable. Has anyone tried this...
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    center console piano black suggestions

    I put some Griots Poly Wax on the center console, it helps with the dust and it hides the micro scratches. I think that it adds a little protection as well. My last several cars were Lexus' with black piano trim and it helped a lot.
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    Missing part?

    Great info. Thanks for posting. I have been trying to purchase one for my 2022 Grand Cherokee WL74 (two row) but the part numbers are confusing with the WK still in production. Is the receipt posted for a WL74 -WL75 (3 row)? Thanks again
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    Clicking / Clunking

    Clicking / clunking noise under vehicle between front driver seat and front left tire (+/-) when coming to a stop at about 18mph. Makes similar sound when at a complete stop and putting into park from drive specifically between reverse and park. I just noticed this and maybe its normal? Has...
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    I just installed a set on my 2022 GCL WL74. Confirming that it's a very easy install with no drilling in metal (only plastic). Additionally, I did not take the tires off as directions called for.
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    Number of 2021 / 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee WL's Built

    With all of the discussion and comments about problems with the new WL's, I'm wondering how many have actually been built. Knowing that would certainly help to understand the magnitude of the problem. It's difficult to research as the data seems to include WL's and WK's.
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    So many issues with my new GCL. Is this normal?

    Thank you. I appreciate the info. I did document it at the dealer.
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    So many issues with my new GCL. Is this normal?

    I picked up a new GCL last week and drove it 1,050 miles home in a day. I paid attention to general break-in guidance but was down a qt of oil when I got home. I changed the oil and I'm hoping that I don't have anymore issues. Did you burn any on your 1,500 mile first drive? Thanks.