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    Ambient light add on to altitude

    Unfortunately only limited trim and up have the ambient lighting. Limited only has white
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    Ambient light add on to altitude

    Does anyone know if the wiring harness is there to add the ambient light spears on the altitude model. Just so that it lights up like the limited.
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    10.1” Screen

    Any update on this topic? Looking to do something similar.
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    Just added these the other day. They are in channel and come with a metal clip that can be difficult to put in properly. Once in they look great!
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    Fog Light Help

    Wiring part #2 is what we are looking at
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    Fog Light Help

    Hi sorry to bring up an old thread. Is the wire connected to orange plastic part the side marker light? Or could it just be a dummy plug? I’ve attached the only wiring info I found from mopar trying to figure out if there is another wire hidden somewhere.
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    Radio app pics please

    Please state which trim you have. Limited, Laredo and altitude have different features as I am told by Jeep cares
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    Radio app pics please

    When I updated mine yesterday, they removed the activate app and the marketplace. All other normal apps work properly for me. No weather app for my Altitude.
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    Missing part?

    Sorry for the delay. I’ve been searching abs for some reason cannot find the part number on for 2021 on the mopar site. If you are close to a dealer just go to the parts department with your vin and say that you need and engine cover and the two top screws that go with it. Total should be around...
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    Just a shout out to the Laredos

    Hmm I wonder if the select terrain is just a buy the part and plug and play? The problem with my 4wd altitude is that there is no indicator on if the system is working. In my previous 2013 explorer it at least showed the torque going to each axle
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    Just a shout out to the Laredos

    Any Laredo or Altitude owners here happen to get the terrain select with their vehicle? Website says it’s available but I’ve only seen it for the limited and up. My 4wd altitude did not come with it.
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    Interior lights

    You could push the button to keep them on and then push the button to turn them off.
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    Radio app pics please

    Hey everyone sorry to revive this. But I had a case open with jeep about my GCL Altitude with the 8.4 in screen. I did not have off-road pages, weather or Alexa. After talking to them the jeep connect people said the engineers said that my vin did not show up to have these apps and the case...
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    Under Hood Engine Cover

    I bought mine and installed myself. This actually helped with the hood flutter that some people had on the highway. Should have come with all models of the jeep. But $38 it was a no brained purchase
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    Remote start heated seat and steering wheel option

    I have noticed multiple App over the air (AOTA) notifications with my radio. Every time I get one I have to reset the climate control. I believe that they update the designs frequently for the climate control and that’s why the settings will change when they have already been saved.
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    Uconnect 8.4 inch version?

    I don’t have the weather app or Alexa app
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    Uconnect 8.4 inch version?

    Anyone here with the 8.4 inch know what version Uconnect they are running? Mine seems to be a prerelease version and I cannot get the weather app to show up and i keep getting Notifications every time I turn the Jeep on about AOTA with no indication on which app is updating and nothing ever...
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    Geolocation enabled....

    Honestly, unless you go everywhere without your phone, computer, smartwatch or any other connected device this shouldn’t be an issue. Every single device record your location. Ez pass records your location, as a matter of fact you cannot get more than 5 minutes from your house (in places close...
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    Ambient lights

    Any part numbers for the white light spears?
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    FCA Recall # Y67 - NHTSA Recall # 21V-729

    Does this pertain to the 8.4in screen on the Altitudes? Will the software be updated for them as well. It seems that my software is a pre released version. Any help would be greatly appreciated.