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    Blacked out L Limited

    Is there any indentations or anything under the front Jeep emblem? I want to delete it this weekend. I hate cleaning around it. I am tempted to debadge the whole thing where possible.
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    Blacked out L Limited

    Good thing this isn't your truck, huh?
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    Blacked out L Limited

    Love it. Share what you did!
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    33" BFG's on OEM 20's

    Post a pic of the sidewall of the tire please. We want to see the tire specs.
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    Wheel Vinyl Wrap/Decals

    If you have a Trailhawk, you have a WK. don’t think Trailhawks are close to being available in WL.
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    Check your fuses!!!

    A LOT of the issues mentioned here seem like simple grounding issues, but that would be too easy.
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    UConnect/Apple CarPlay issues

    Wouldn’t it be something if your incorrectly installed console somehow damaged the wiring and is causing your problems? Like a missing ground situation.
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    UConnect/Apple CarPlay issues

    I have had multiple cars with CarPlay. All of them did some form of this from time to time. It can manifest as no sound, steering wheel buttons not working, inability to make a selection. These have happened wired and unwired. What works for me: I press and hold the power button on the radio...
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    Removed middle seats !!

    Pics or it didn’t happen
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    Chrome removal/blackout on '21 Grand Cherokee L Summit Reserve

    Please do a write up of removal and prep if you go this route. I genuinely hope these trucks get popular enough that the aftermarket companies start producing good parts.
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    Rear license plate bracket or bottom screws

    Mine came with a plastic bag that had foam cylinders for the bottom of the plate and two plate screws. It was in the glove box.
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    Uconnect 8.4 inch version?

    Does it ever update? It took multiple tries to get mine to fully connect beyond the “connecting” status. I believe after that the update started. I may be misremembering.
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    I put 33's on and it's wildly good.

    Seems like 2 inch would work and be plenty, but we need someone to take a measurement from the wheel mounting surface out to the edge of the knuckle. I would feel much better knowing the minimum size spacer needed to clear. I think I have seen some people post with aftermarket wheels that had...
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    Uconnect 8.4 inch version?

    Has anyone having this problem connected to their home network? Mine did two decent size updates as soon as I brought it online. No idea if that would help, just spitballing.
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    Not an issue. Take whatever financing incentives you can get and turn around and refinance with your local bank/credit union. I bought my Limited for $2k under MSRP. It took 3 dealerships to find one who didn’t try to add a market adjustment or charges for nitrogen tires, useless etching etc...
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    Gas Gauge/Low Fuel Light/Range Estimation Question

    Yes, mileage estimates have to be fairly accurate or a manufacture is sued and loses every time. Small variances are ok, but I am barely achieving 21 mpg, and my driving is 95% interstate. A difference between 21 highway and 25 highway is almost 100 miles per tank. My 2019 Silverado LT TB...
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    33s on the beast

    Looks great! How much meat was left in that pinch weld? Any concern with contact to the fenders? Any lift? More pics of the process would be greatly appreciated. Not many people have started mods yet. I just picked up a 21 Limited L and want it to look like a Jeep.
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    Gauge cluster screen delaminating

    I have a bubble on the left hand side of my screen. I Haven’t mentioned it to the dealer yet.