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    Uconnect McIntosh Screen Doesn’t Work

    I have an absolutely stupid question but how do I even get to the screen? It’s my wife’s cat and I rarely drive. 2023 Summit Reserve.
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    Looking For A Dealer

    Looking for the best dealers. We live in the Southeast but if the deal is worth it I’ll go further. Recommendations?
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    Hurricane in the JGCL

    Any idea when I can buy a JGCL with the Hurricane engine?
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    Hurricane in the JGCL

    Good talk Russ
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    Hurricane in the JGCL

    Any idea when the new engine will be offered in the JGCL?
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    WL74 exterior colors

    Where did you get that info for 4/25 production date?
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    Lake Front Blue from the Seattle Auto Show

    I’m part of a group on Facebook that had a post from an individual that says he work on the assembly line. He shared a pic of a fender with what I believe was lake front blue, or something similar, and stated that it was shipping soon. Take it for what it’s worth.
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    Build Tool Has More Colors!

    Any dealers in this group that can give an update on colors that can be ordered?
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    Build Tool Has More Colors!

    I figure it’s the Altitude look but with different wheels.
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    Build Tool Has More Colors!

    Really want to know what that option includes.
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    2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve Delivery!

    I wonder if the camera is/could also be part of the Drowsy Driver detection? Sorry if this has already been asked.
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    Build Tool Has More Colors!

    Thanks. At least it’s moving in the right direction. Now for the Black Package pics on a Summit.
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    Build Tool Has More Colors!

    The build tool has more colors now!
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    Hydro Blue GCL?

    Did a little digging and found a number of articles from Q4 2021. Let’s see what 2022 looks like.
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    Hydro Blue GCL?

    Have any links you can share?
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    Midnight Sky

    Jeep Cares obviously doesn’t “care”. I’m literally trying to give them $70k+ and I get nothing but crickets. So frustrating!!! It’s paint! I’m not asking for a new engine, or a hybrid. IT’S PAINT!!!
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    Hydro Blue GCL?

    This is from the jeep site.
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    Passenger Screen and rear infotainment system availability

    Sorry, meant for the Summit Reserve. Would like to see the wheels and any interior changes.