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    Jeep buyback contact

    Lemon laws are very specific in every state, if your vehicle qualifies you take your service history to an attorney and pay them $200-$300 to send a letter to Jeep, Jeep attorney's review it, then your car is bought back by Jeep via the dealership of your choice. Taxes, extended warranties...
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    V8 gas mileage?

    GCL SR 5.7L V8 on five months of ownership over 6,800 miles of flat, Midwest streets, highways, and interstates 700-900 feet above sea level. One oil change, filled with Costco 93 octane when home, BP / Shell 89 octane on road trips. City driving (suburban mix of 25mph neighborhoods surrounded...
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    3rd row not folding flush

    The third row is a couple inches higher than flush with the floor behind them, the laser measured all weather mats from WeatherTech take it into consideration and have a molded rise from behind the third row seats to the folded down backs.